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>     Save up to 70% energy over conventional fluorescent lamps

>     Calrays lights are of highest quality and TÜV-certified

>     Long lifespan: More than 50,000 hours (low heat: no burning out etc.)

>     High efficiency – low energy consumption

>     No harmful IR or UV radiation

>     Full luminosity immediately after switching on
       (without delay, unlike energy saving lamps).  

>     The colour selection of cool white, natural white (daylight) to warm white gives you the            opportunity to choose between usage-oriented and comforting light.

>     Easy to dispose of: No hazardous waste (RoHS-certified)

>     LED lights are less sensitive to vibrations
       (by this time already used in the automotive industry)

>     The light is fatigue-proof (flicker-free) and is therefore perfect for long-time office use

>     Maintenance-free

>     Changing to LED is easy: LED tubes do not need a ballast or starter

>     Reduced CO2-emission

>     Warranty: 2 years