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Even without capital you can realize your own photovoltaic system. (Abbr. PV technology, converts solar energy into electrical energy with the help of solar cells). The federally owned KfW (reconstruction loan corporation) offers low interest credits to support you in building or buying a solar power plant or expanding your existing one. And the best:  in doing so, you can get up to 100% of the eligible net investments (maximum of € 10 million) externally financed. In German-speaking countries a nationwide network of over 500 specialized partners provides for customer proximity.Your regional Calrays partners as well as Calrays’ trained crafts enterprises plan and install your solar power system, help with the application and remaining formalities.

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KfW (reconstruction loan corporation) reorganization and simplification of ways of funding solar power plants

Since 01/01/2009 it is possible to apply for financing solar power plants via the KfW (reconstruction loan corporation) Program Renewable Energy Standard.

KfW-Program Renewable Energy (270) Date: 01/2009

Investment loans for measures for the utilization of renewable energies

The reconstruction load corporation program Renewable Energies serves the long-term funding of measures for the utilization of renewable energies at a favourable interest rate.

In the program part standard the utilization of renewable energies to generate electricity or electricity and heat (cogeneration) is funded.

A. Program part standard

Who can apply?

  • Domestic and foreign commercial companies which are mainly privately owned.
  •  Companies in which communes, churches or charitable organizations are involved.
  • Freelancer.
  •  Individuals and nonprofit applicants who are economically active (supply with generated electricity / generated heat).

What is co-financed?
Investments for the utilization of renewable energies in Germany. Measures:

  •  for the construction, expansion and purchase of the system that meet the requirements of the act on reforming the renewable energies in the electricity sector (“EEG") from 25/10/2008 (Federal Law Gazette 2008 Part 1, No. 49, p. 2074).

Funding to what extent?

Percentage financed Up to 100% of eligible net investment costs Max. CREDIT AMOUNT usually a maximum of €10 million INFORMATIONEN

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